Friday, April 5, 2013

April 5, 2013

Upcoming Dates
April 12 - Geometry Test
April 19- Vocabulary Test 12
April 23- Math STAAR Test
April 24 - Reading STAAR Test
April 29 - Holiday

We finished up our last review for our Writing STAAR Test.  We took the test on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

We have been talking about theme in fiction writing and how to decide the best word choice to describe the theme. We reviewed the Elements of a Drama. Then, the students worked together in groups to produce a play. We used our Storyworks magazine and the students could choose from "Stone Soup" or "The Great and Powerful Oz". All groups chose the Oz play.

We have been learning all things Geometry. We have studied types of lines and angles.  The students have also learned attributes of 2D and 3D shapes. Stations have continued also, where the students are either working with me on needed help with a skill, working independently on an assignment, working in a group to play a math game to review a past skill, or working independently on a game on the Ipads or Netbooks to practice math skills.

We have been learning about magnetism and electricity.  We have learned about the types of materials that will stick to a magnet such as iron or steel.  Parallel and Series circuits with electricity have also been a topic of discussion to figure out the difference between the two and actually working in groups to make these types of circuits.

Social Studies
We have finished our study of the Texas Revolution and all the battles involved.  Our next topic was learning about how Texas became a state and all the trials and tribulations that were experienced.  Some Texans wanted to become part of the US and others did not.  Of course as we know today, we did become a state of the United States.

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