Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 7, 2013

Upcoming Dates
May 6-10 Student Council Sells Bears
May 9 - Austin Field Trip - Arrival to school at 6:45AM
May 10 - Northeast States Test
May 10 - Toro from the Texans comes to visit MDE
May 13-17 - Talent Show Week
May 20-24 - Cultural Arts Week
May 24 - 50 States Test over all 50 states
May 27 - Memorial Day Holiday - No school
May 28 - Famous Texans Presentation here in the class room at 2:15.

We have read lots of Por Quoi stories that explain natural phenomenon. The students are writing Por Quoi stories where they are explaining with their own ideas a natural phenomenon.  For example: How the cheetah got its spots.

The students have chosen their own topic about something that actually exists in nature, and they are working in groups to write a book about their topic. They are typing the pages of their book, and then they will print it. Then, they will create their own illustrations. One lucky student from each group will get to take home their book, once we have shared them with our class.

We started new book clubs.  The students are reading and discussing together in their book clubs. Each student is making his/her own scrapbook about their book.  The students are choosing from a variety of activities. An activity is completed after 2-3 chapters have been read and a response is written about each activity.

We are working on our Dream Rooms.  The students are applying learned measurement skills, as well as other math skills, for this project.  The students are also creating a theme for their room and shopping to find furniture and decorations for it.  They are also keeping track of how much money they spend from their budget of $5,000.  

We have been learning about animals, habitats, ecosystems, and biomes. We will continue this topic, this week.  On Friday, we will Skype with a naturalist from the Arboretum, who will talk to the kids about our current topic of study.

Social Studies
Each student has chosen his/her Famous Texan and the research is underway.  The kids are learning all kinds of information about his/her person.  Each student will dress up as his/her Famous Texan for the presentation. Our class will present our Famous Texans on May 28th at 2:15.
We hope you all can make it to see the presentations.